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Repair AC Adapter laptops - Notebook

Laptop Adapter service.
Damage to the Laptop Adapter - laptop charger, among others:
The adapter can not be used to charge the laptop battery. Checks charge your laptop using the adapter can live service lain.misal new adapter or the adapter can also be in service at the nearest service station laptop.
Damage to most laptop adapters on:
Damage Port Adapter Laptop
Damage to the DC Jack on laptops
Damage to the cable adapter
Damage to the components inside the laptop Burned / wear cause unstable volts and amperes are issued in accordance with the adapter is not written on the adapter and the laptop. This is very dangerous to your laptop. Suppose ic power laptop could not dampen Volt Ampere different from that in the laptop set, then your used laptop easily damaged. Soon you fix or buy a new adapter.
's causing damage to the
Laptop Adapter Price:
Original Laptop Adapter: Rp. Sd 200,000 Rp.325.000, -
(Laptop Adapter Toshiba, Acer, Byon, Dell, Lenoo, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Sony Vaio, etc.)
Laptop Adapter KW: Rp. 60.000, - sd Rp.125.000, -
Original Laptop Adapter should use because it has much better components and produce the Volt Ampere + as written in Laptop Adapter

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